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Stay Strong When Dealing With Tantrums

temper tantrum_boyI would suspect that any person who has ever been responsible for caring for a child has at one time or another encountered the dreaded tantrum. Tantrums run the gamut. They can crop up when a child is overtired or overstimulated causing them to act out. Perhaps it’s the tad bossy child who wants to control a situation. Sometimes it’s a child determined to do something or possess something. Each scenario is different as is each child’s way of orchestrating their drama fest.

As a parent or caregiver we all come to know our kid’s way of being. We recognize the cues leading up to drama and we eventually learn some tactics to combat an out of control situation. Inevitably there will come the time or two or three or more when your child gives in to the urge to be in total control. At that moment they have no self control. The only force working is the desire to have or to do what they have their sights set on. Don’t think logic or reason will work when in the throws of this type of drama. It’s a whole new ballgame and you have to scope out your opponent and come up with a fresh game plan on the spot. It’s a time to realize that quitters never win.   Read the rest of this entry »

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