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Supporting Your Child’s Talent








As long as there have been parents there have been kids who showed great potential or interest in a sport, a talent, or some other passion. Whether it’s soccer, baseball, or gymnastics – singing, dancing, or painting – the routine response from a parent once they notice a certain bent toward a talent is to explore the many ways in which they can enable their child to develop their passion.

Once it’s been established that your child truly loves an activity (and doesn’t just tolerate it) we, as parents, usually move forward with a plan. If soccer is their choice you find a team to join. If a musical instrument is involved you look for teachers and proceed with lessons. If dance is the winner you spend many many hours sitting in a corner while your daughter (or son) develops their technique and dances to their heart’s delight. If you have an artist in the house you will find yourself running to the store to buy more and more paper, paint, and various other art supplies.

Some children find unusual passions. My son, for example, developed an early interest in anything that pertained to electricity. Instead of running to the mall to look through a toy store we spent many many hours and trips going to Radio Shack to browse through the various diodes, capacitors, wires and such. I have no idea where this interest came from. I do know that he amazed me with his knowledge base at such a young age. Now that he’s an adult he continues to astound me with his understanding of everything electric. If something is not working properly or broken, he’s my go-to guy. If we have an “idea” to make something that doesn’t already exist he is the one who will know immediately how to proceed.

So what is my point of all this? In a nutshell – Kudos to parents everywhere who nurture their child’s passion. Bravo to the parent who doesn’t allow his or her own bias or misunderstanding to get in the way of something that resonates with their child. Standing ovation to the parents who put in the time and money to help their child realize a dream. Most of all, a sincere thank you to every parent who shows their love and support when their child succeeds and sometimes fails at their craft, skill, talent, or interest. It is this kind of support that helps your child grow into a confident human being.

Down the road our children may decide to take a different path. That doesn’t matter. Any passion that is allowed to flourish is a life lesson. Memories of that time in your child’s life will be with you forever.

By Gret Boyd



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