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Mobile Moms And The Apps They Love

A recent article in a marketing newsletter I receive was all about the power of mobile moms. According to this article moms have an ever-growing love for their smartphone. The typical mom of today uses it for fun (social media, photo sharing), to shop (coupon sites, scanning barcodes/QR codes and product reviews), and when the occasion arises a search for a much needed answer .

Yes, according to this article 51% of moms said they were addicted to their smartphone. 46% of you took the cue and responded after seeing an ad on your smartphone. All of these statistics is not what I’m about here right now. It did make me start thinking about the apps that moms use. Which ones work? Which ones are a waste of time? Which ones you can’t live without?

I’ve decided to start a Mobile App page on LilyToad and I need your help. I will do my own research and come up with apps and hopefully some feedback on their worth. What I’d like from all of the Portland Parents out there are your suggestions, reviews, and advice about parenting and family-focused mobile apps. All I need is a name, a website, an app store to check out – anything. I’m pretty good at finding the particulars once I have a lead, so just give me any info you’ve got.

Come one now – I know you have an opinion! Let’s hear from you!

By Gret Boyd

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