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Video: How To Treat Child Poisoning From Chemicals

This video was a link off of the article I just posted, “Laundry Detergent “Pods” Pose Danger“. Very helpful information and tips to keep kids safe.

How to Treat Child Poisoning from Chemicals / Healthline Health and Wellness Videos

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Laundry Detergent “Pods” Pose Danger For Kids

This issue has been in the news lately. Sharing a recent article about the dangers associated with laundry “pods”.

Rise in Kids Eating Laundry Detergent “Pods”
That Look Like Candy

by Lisa Collier Cool / Yahoo Health
Sweet-smelling and colorful, but toxic, single-use laundry detergent packs or “pods” are causing a rising rate of poisoning in kids who confuse them for candy. In the past 72 hours alone, nine childhood poisonings of toddlers (typical age 23 months) have been reported to the California Poison Control System (CPCS).

Richard Geller, MD, MPH—Medical Director, California Poison Control System, Children’s Hospital, Madera—reports that accidental poisonings linked to detergent pods are becoming increasingly frequent, with 82 cases in California through the end of May. Nationally, at least 250 cases have been reported to poison control centers this year, most of them since March when the products began to hit grocery store shelves.

All of the latest childhood poisonings required emergency evaluation and treatment, with six of them linked to Tide Pods, two to Purex Ultra Packs, and one to All Mighty Paks. So far, no deaths have been reported, but nationally, a number of kids have required hospitalization—sometimes on ventilators—for several days after eating detergent pods.

All of those kids are now out of the hospital, with no long-term health problems or complications reported. Typically their symptoms cleared up in one week or less. Other pod-poisoning cases were successfully treated at home, with the parents following advice from poison control centers, or the kids were evaluated and treated in emergency rooms without the need for a hospital stay. Read the rest of this entry »

Lead Poisoning and Your Child

I was on Twitter this morning and came across a new follower – Lead Safe America Foundation. I took a few minutes to watch the video they linked to and thought the topic was well worth your attention. Here is the link to their home page, I know that many of the homes in Portland are from a different era. Our neighborhoods are filled with beautiful examples of a time gone by. Unfortunately, I suspect that many of those homes and other buildings in the area could have lead paint and other parts of their structures that have an unsafe amount of lead in/on them. It’s not my intent to scare anyone – I am just offering some information so that you will be better educated on the subject and have a better eye for potential problem areas in your house, school, place of business, etc. It’s all about keeping our kids happy, healthy, and safe. Here are some links I’ve collected if you’d like to research this topic in more depth:

Should you need to hire someone to remove lead paint in your home I strongly suggest that you research anyone you may be considering for hire. Unfortunately I have no first-hand knowledge about any of the Portland area contractors who offer this service. Here’s a link to Angie’s List (a site that contains customer reviews of businesses/services). I do not enforce anyone on this site – only offering it as a point of reference. If anyone has had to have lead removed from their home or place of business and would like to recommend a contractor, please feel free to leave a comment or email LilyToad at

. I hope this information is a helpful resource for you. Knowledge is power – Keep your family safe. ByGret Boyd  

Poison Prevention Tips (links)

 Oregon Poison Center
For All Poison Emergencies & Information Call 1-800-222-1222

Oregon Health & Science University
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd
Portland, OR 97239

Educational Materials Requests: Call 503-494-7799

I came across some sites that I think would be of interest. Here are the links. I hope you find the time to browse these sites. All contain valuable info. Read the rest of this entry »

Medication Poison Prevention Tips

Another great article from Please read and spread the word… Read the rest of this entry »

Poison Prevention Tips

Here’s a wonderful article from It contains tips and information that every parent should be aware of. Read the rest of this entry »

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