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The Stories That Bind Us

What is your family’s narrative? Are there stories passed down from generation to generation? The following article will make you realize the importance and impact of your stories about family struggles and success. You’ll come to realize it’s the glue that binds your family together and helps each member realize their place in a legacy that’s bigger than themselves.

The Stories That Bind Us

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The Hungry Hoard At My Table

As another round of holiday meals is approaching I thought I’d share…

Some of my fondest memories are of large holiday gatherings. When the gathering is happening in my house you can be sure that I’m going all out to make it a special occasion. I plan out my menu. I shop with careful consideration of every part of the meal. I try to be innovative and definitely festive. Being a designer I take special care to decorate and present my creation in a way that I hope will bring delight to my guests the moment they see my handiwork. It is with great pride and anticipation that I put myself through the rigors of preparation and presentation. While this might sound like a lot of self-inflicted angst, it is always a labor of love. The moment I hear the praise of “what a lovely table,” or “something smells good,” I know I’m on the track to success.

There is one element of this process that I have no control over. It is the hungry hoard that pounces on my table before I’ve had a chance to thoroughly secure it. Read the rest of this entry »

Birthday Parties – Necessity, Obsession, or Treat?

Birthday Parties – Necessity, Obsession, or Treat?

Today on the morning news I saw a story about a man in Florida who has saved his business by offering alligator pool parties for birthdays. The man is experienced with alligators, mind you, and so he feels that it’s a perfectly safe offering. He must know something about the current state of birthday parties because he is doing quite well with this endeavor. Here is the link to the news story if you’re interested in seeing what his alligator pool parties are like.

Anyway, this got me thinking…

  • Do parents feel obligated to have a birthday party EVERY year for their child?
  • If you do have a party, MUST it be a big event in order to be considered successful?
  • Have you ever spent more than you know you could afford on a birthday party?
  • What would happen if you toned down your child’s future birthday parties?

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Why Is Everything “Gross” Mom’s Problem?

It doesn’t matter how big or how small your family is, it should be obvious to each family member that they are part of a unit and therefore liable to share the burden of chores and such around the house. Kids are taught to participate from an early age. I think when it comes to what you’re asking of them – they get it pretty quickly. Now compliance with those expectations is another matter all together. We’re all familiar with the expression, “knowing is half the battle”. Sometimes knowing is the beginning of the battle.

Over the years it’s become pretty obvious to me that I am responsible for every gross thing that occurs inside and outside of my house. I did not aspire to hold that position in my family – it was awarded to me by my spouse and children. I know for a fact that I’ve made it perfectly clear to them that I am not flattered by this designation. So, it comes down to two things: 1) they know what’s expected of them and chose to ignore that obligation or 2) they know what’s expected of them and just don’t feel like it. You’re thinking… that sounds pretty much the same. It really isn’t. For me, if you chose to ignore something you are deliberately saying “no”. If you just don’t feel like it you’ve given it some thought and decided you just don’t feel like this time. Maybe next time you’ll think differently, but for now, I don’t think so. And this is the reasoning I think I am facing most of the time when it comes to gross stuff.

What exactly is gross stuff, you ask? It is comprised of a myriad of things, all disgusting in their own way. A nasty odor is often involved. A particular texture or oozing gooey consistency can be part of it. A direct connection to germs is another possibility. Would you like some examples? I’ll share some with you now. Read the rest of this entry »

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