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High-powered Magnets Raise Risks From Swallowing

Sharing another great article about the danger associated with BB-sized magnetic balls from executive desk toys, Buckyballs, Nanospheres, Zenn Magnets and Magnet Balls. Read the article and pass the information along…

From New Parent Report Blog

Button Battery Safety (video)

A recent tweet brought this to my attention. Sharing it…

Beware of Those Tiny Batteries (video)

Button Batteries Are Dangerous To Kids

Nowadays it’s all too common to have all sorts of battery-operated toys, phones, cameras, and such in your house. What might happen if your child came across a button battery? These batteries can be very harmful to your child. The article below is from and explains the complications if a button battery is ingested. Read the rest of this entry »

Childproofing for the Holidays

Most parents understand the importance of childproofing their homes. Gates on stairs, using smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and keeping medicines and poisons out of reach are fairly standard in many homes.

In addition to the risks of holiday decorations, younger children can get into trouble if they visit a home during the holidays (or anytime of year) that isn’t childproofed. Read the rest of this entry »

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