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Birthday Parties – Necessity, Obsession, or Treat?

Birthday Parties – Necessity, Obsession, or Treat?

Today on the morning news I saw a story about a man in Florida who has saved his business by offering alligator pool parties for birthdays. The man is experienced with alligators, mind you, and so he feels that it’s a perfectly safe offering. He must know something about the current state of birthday parties because he is doing quite well with this endeavor. Here is the link to the news story if you’re interested in seeing what his alligator pool parties are like.

Anyway, this got me thinking…

  • Do parents feel obligated to have a birthday party EVERY year for their child?
  • If you do have a party, MUST it be a big event in order to be considered successful?
  • Have you ever spent more than you know you could afford on a birthday party?
  • What would happen if you toned down your child’s future birthday parties?

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