Why should you Shop Local?

  1. A larger amount of money re-circulates in you area when you shop at local stores. The money received flows through your community rather than a nationally owned business. Local business are encouraged to purchase from other local businesses, service providers, and farms.
  2. Small local businesses are the largest employer, providing most new jobs in your area.
  3. The many unique business that you find in the Portland area help create the distinctive character of Portland. Tourism benefits too as certain places become a destination point to visit. Think Saturday Market…
  4. Local business become invested in their communities. They care about the success of that community and the people that live there.
  5. Many times customer service is better. Local businesses will hire people with a specific knowledge base that enables them to produce a better product or better serve their customers because they become more knowledgeable about their specific product/service.
  6. Competition among your local businesses encourages innovation, low prices and often a better selection of product based on the needs and wants of their specific target market.
  7. Purchasing from local businesses lowers the cost of transporting a product from its source to the public because it already is within close proximity to its market. Without the need to accommodate a large warehousing or transportation system you have lowered sprawl, congestion, habitat loss and pollution.
  8. Non-profits usually receive greater support from local business owners as they are more likely to contribute to their own community.
ReDirect Guide – Created to help you locate merchants and organizations that offer environmentally, socially, and health conscious goods and services.
Chinook Book – Published by a green media company with a mission of expanding markets for sustainable products and services. You’ll be surprised at the savings when you use the coupons in this book. Look for some of your favorite local businesses.
Green Living PDX – Contains practical information for friends of the environment.
Supportland – Offering incentives for buying local. Get a Supportland Card — Start earning points and Save!
… You’ll find a ShopLocal/Portland Board and more at LilyToad_PDX on Pinterest …

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