Emergencies. First Aid. Safety.

Note: I am creating this list as a resource for parents. I am not endorsing any of these apps. If I find some that you all rave about I’ll start a rating system.

You’ll find mobile apps on LilyToad’s Pinterest Board: Apps / Emergencies.First Aid.Safety.

(Phone Code: iP=iPhone, And=Android, BB=Blackberry

  • smart-ICE4family – ICE/In Case of Emergency, contains everything your family needs to convey to EMS and doctors in a crisis situation. Alarm system contacts 911 with your location, to a recorded note with urgent medical info that plays when emergency services arrive, to lists of each family member’s medical detains. [iP]
  • iHomeopathy – A guide to treating first-aid emergencies, childhood ailments and common illnesses. [iP]
  • iEmergency ICE Family Pro – ICE/In Case of Emergency, application contains all medical information for your family members and phone numbers of family, friends, and physicians. [iP]
  • Parent I-C-E – ICE/In Case of Emergency, lists your emergency contacts and your child’s emergency contacts along with your medications, conditions and allergies, as well as your child’s. Make it easy to locate medical information in an emergency. [iP]
  • WebMD Baby – Baby health and wellness information anytime, anywhere. Personalized for a baby’s specific age. [iP]
  • Safe Texting AR – Uses GPS to reduce distracted driving. When you’re driving at speeds above 15 miles per hour, the application replies to inbound SMS messages, letting the sender know you are driving and it may be a while before you respond to their text message. Will only reply to a sender once in a five minute period, even if the sender sends multiple messages, which minimizes carrier costs. [iP]
  • He!p – Intuitive, easy to use app that consolidates all of your emergency information needs into one easy to access portal, allowing you to have critical, personal information on you at all times – where you need it, when you need it. [iP]


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