Who Clips The Most Coupons? Portland – Why Not You?

I just came across some articles about coupon use in America. Interesting read – I’ll give you the links. I must say, I don’t understand why Portland hasn’t realized the savings offered by using coupons.

OK, I get it – Portland is proud to promote a “shop local” ethic. I think that’s fantastic. Let’s admit it… you don’t always shop in a small local shop. Grocery shopping comes to mind here. Many of you may equate coupons with your mother or grandmother’s way of shopping. It’s not. Saving money is saving money no matter the time, place, or person doing it. I hear it now, “I don’t have time to cut out those coupons.” Is that really true? Think about it. I know for a fact that it’s not all that time consuming. If you only clipped out the coupons you get in your Sunday paper you probably would only be out ten or fifteen minutes. How about getting your kids involved? Let them cut out the coupons. (Provided they are old enough to follow the lines around each coupon when using scissors.) And let’s acknowledge that the coupons of today are not like your mother’s coupons. Check out coupon sites online before you head out the door. Know that you can use your smart phone to enjoy saving with coupons. Just bring up the coupon on your phone and it can be scanned if it has a barcode. Speaking of codes – pay attention to QR codes. They are everywhere these days. Maybe you haven’t given them your attention. You should. Many of these QR codes contain coupons.

On the “shop local” level: LilyToad would like to offer local family focused businesses the ability to post a coupon (or two, three…). While we introduce our Click & Save Coupons to the Portland area all local family focused businesses can post a coupon on the LilyToad site for FREE. If you know of a local business that you think might benefit from posting a coupon, please pass this info along.

Portland definitely fits the demographic for coupon users. Everyone wants to save a little money these days. There is no logical reason not to give coupons a try. For some helpful info about coupons check out the “Coupons” page on this site.

Here are the articles I promised:

By Gret Boyd


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