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Stain Removal Guide

I came across this great Stain Removal Guide. Thought you might find it handy. Click on the link below or the guide for the printable pdf.

Stain Removal Guide

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50 Uses For Vinegar

I’ve always known that vinegar was a rock star when it comes to cleaning. Here’s a great list of other uses. Thanks to Jamielyn Nye/I Heart Nap Time on BabyCenter Blog. If you click on the link there’s a slideshow of all the uses.


Laundry Tips

I’m a fan of books with “old-fashioned” tips and remedies for everyday problems. I’ve started a list of some laundry tips here. I’ll keep adding to the list as I come across them. ¬†Some tips work better than others… I hope this is helpful.

  1. Rub a sticky zipper with a lead pencil.
  2. Rub beeswax inside and outside your zippers on boots, purses, and jackets to keep them running smoothly and quietly. Also removes dust and grime.
  3. Make your own spot remover: 2 parts water + one part rubbing alcohol

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