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High-powered Magnets Raise Risks From Swallowing

Sharing another great article about the danger associated with BB-sized magnetic balls from executive desk toys, Buckyballs, Nanospheres, Zenn Magnets and Magnet Balls. Read the article and pass the information along…

From New Parent Report Blog

Button Battery Safety (video)

A recent tweet brought this to my attention. Sharing it…

Beware of Those Tiny Batteries (video)

Recalls (June 2012)

Here is a great poster you can print out and post of the Children’s Product Recalls for June 2012. It would be great if child care locations, doctor’s offices, and retail shops posted this information.

For the printable full size pdf: Recall_Digest_06121



Kids In Danger, WeMakeIt Safer Join Forces to Make Recall Info Mobile

Just came across this new mobile site. Thought I would share…


Kids In Danger, WeMakeItSafer Join Forces to Make Recall Info Mobile

The mobile Recall Finder, along with the full-site version, is now available to all website owners in the Publisher Tools section.

KID announces the release of its new mobile website feauturing Recalled Product Search powered by WeMakeItSafer.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) May 24, 2012   Today, Kids In Danger (KID) announces the release of its new mobile website. The new site, accessible by visiting from any mobile device, combines the life-saving information of the KID desktop website with WeMakeItSafer’s powerful Recalled Product Search application.

For both organizations, making product safety and recall information more accessible is a key component to their missions. Working together to bring a comprehensive, user-friendly Recall Search app to consumers, wherever they may be, was a natural fit.

“When we began the research and development for WeMakeItSafer back in 2007, KID was the only organization addressing the problems associated with getting product recall information into the hands of consumers,” said Jennifer Toney, CEO of WeMakeItSafer. “We have tremendous respect for KID’s work and were honored when they asked to use our technology for their new mobile site.”

The purpose of incorporating the recall search into the mobile website was to ensure parents can access information about recalled products on the go, for example, when they are shopping at garage sales or flea markets.

“We chose WeMakeItSafer to power our search because, unlike other recall search applications, WeMakeItSafer has the technology to capture all of the CPSC recalls,” explained Nancy Cowles, KID’s Executive Director. “We wanted to make sure site visitors could rely on our search results.” Read the rest of this entry »

Lead Poisoning and Your Child

I was on Twitter this morning and came across a new follower – Lead Safe America Foundation. I took a few minutes to watch the video they linked to and thought the topic was well worth your attention. Here is the link to their home page, I know that many of the homes in Portland are from a different era. Our neighborhoods are filled with beautiful examples of a time gone by. Unfortunately, I suspect that many of those homes and other buildings in the area could have lead paint and other parts of their structures that have an unsafe amount of lead in/on them. It’s not my intent to scare anyone – I am just offering some information so that you will be better educated on the subject and have a better eye for potential problem areas in your house, school, place of business, etc. It’s all about keeping our kids happy, healthy, and safe. Here are some links I’ve collected if you’d like to research this topic in more depth:

Should you need to hire someone to remove lead paint in your home I strongly suggest that you research anyone you may be considering for hire. Unfortunately I have no first-hand knowledge about any of the Portland area contractors who offer this service. Here’s a link to Angie’s List (a site that contains customer reviews of businesses/services). I do not enforce anyone on this site – only offering it as a point of reference. If anyone has had to have lead removed from their home or place of business and would like to recommend a contractor, please feel free to leave a comment or email LilyToad at

. I hope this information is a helpful resource for you. Knowledge is power – Keep your family safe. ByGret Boyd  

How Parents Can Help Their Preteens Navigate the Social Web

Access online to social media has become a recent occurrence in my family. So many things to think about. I came across this great article… so I’m sharing… If you’d like to share your experiences or tips, please leave a comment below.

How Parents Can Help Their Preteens
Navigate the Social Web

by Alicia Eler (via ReadWriteWeb)

Every day the Internet is becoming a more ingrained part of preteens’ lives, especially preteens who haven’t yet hit Facebook’s 13-years-old age requirement. How can parents get an idea of what their kids are doing online while still engendering an environment of love and trust? Much of this relies on parents being open with kids about types of acceptable online behaviors, but it’s also important for parents to teach kids the general rules for online safety.
Read the rest of this entry »

Small Magnet Dangers

I just came across this story on Twitter and thought I’d share…

3-year-old Swallows 37 Magnets and Survives from KPTV/Fox12 Read the rest of this entry »

Button Batteries Are Dangerous To Kids

Nowadays it’s all too common to have all sorts of battery-operated toys, phones, cameras, and such in your house. What might happen if your child came across a button battery? These batteries can be very harmful to your child. The article below is from and explains the complications if a button battery is ingested. Read the rest of this entry »

Poison Prevention Tips (links)

 Oregon Poison Center
For All Poison Emergencies & Information Call 1-800-222-1222

Oregon Health & Science University
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd
Portland, OR 97239

Educational Materials Requests: Call 503-494-7799

I came across some sites that I think would be of interest. Here are the links. I hope you find the time to browse these sites. All contain valuable info. Read the rest of this entry »

Medication Poison Prevention Tips

Another great article from Please read and spread the word… Read the rest of this entry »

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