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Internet Safety Pledge Promotes Online Security

Internet safety has become an important issue in my family recently. As our kids get old enough to want to reach out via social media and all of the devices available to them it is important that parents take the time to talk with their kids about the internet and what it has to offer – the good and the bad. Here’s an article I came across that should help parents with that discussion

Internet Safety Pledge Promotes Online Security

via CupertinoPatch

New ‘contract’ gives parents and children an opportunity to discuss using the Internet responsibly.

Fort Lauderdale, FL –McGruff SafeGuard® recently launched an Internet Safety Pledge and Contract that helps parents keep children and teens safe online.  This is especially important during summer when kids have more free and unsupervised time to go online on mobile devices.

The Internet Safety Pledge – one for kids and one for teenagers – gives parents an opportunity to discuss their expectations for their kids’ behavior online with them.  This includes which content is appropriate to view, dangerous activities, peer pressure and more.  The contract, replete with places for parents and kids/teens to sign, formally documents expectations for online behavior between parent and child.  It reminds kids of their personal responsibility for their online behavior and safety, and reinforces parents’ rules.

Parents can’t be everywhere all the time. Review the Internet Safety Tips below, then print out the kid or teen McGruff SafeGuard Internet Safety Pledge and Contract at and have your children sign it. Read the rest of this entry »

How Parents Can Help Their Preteens Navigate the Social Web

Access online to social media has become a recent occurrence in my family. So many things to think about. I came across this great article… so I’m sharing… If you’d like to share your experiences or tips, please leave a comment below.

How Parents Can Help Their Preteens
Navigate the Social Web

by Alicia Eler (via ReadWriteWeb)

Every day the Internet is becoming a more ingrained part of preteens’ lives, especially preteens who haven’t yet hit Facebook’s 13-years-old age requirement. How can parents get an idea of what their kids are doing online while still engendering an environment of love and trust? Much of this relies on parents being open with kids about types of acceptable online behaviors, but it’s also important for parents to teach kids the general rules for online safety.
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