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Dental Injuries In Young Children

Thanks to a very hard fall onto the wooden arm of a couch when I was very little, under two years old, I had all of my front teeth pulled. Needless to say it was a very different kind of face I showed the world for many years to come. I had no front teeth until my second set of teeth finally came in. With great empathy for the topic of this article I just came across, I am sharing some important information about dental injuries in young children.

Dental Injuries in Young Children

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The Hungry Hoard At My Table

As another round of holiday meals is approaching I thought I’d share…

Some of my fondest memories are of large holiday gatherings. When the gathering is happening in my house you can be sure that I’m going all out to make it a special occasion. I plan out my menu. I shop with careful consideration of every part of the meal. I try to be innovative and definitely festive. Being a designer I take special care to decorate and present my creation in a way that I hope will bring delight to my guests the moment they see my handiwork. It is with great pride and anticipation that I put myself through the rigors of preparation and presentation. While this might sound like a lot of self-inflicted angst, it is always a labor of love. The moment I hear the praise of “what a lovely table,” or “something smells good,” I know I’m on the track to success.

There is one element of this process that I have no control over. It is the hungry hoard that pounces on my table before I’ve had a chance to thoroughly secure it. Read the rest of this entry »

Mom Finds Devastating “Diet List” on 7-Year-Old’s Bedroom Floor

As a mom we are aware of the pressures put on our little girls to be “pretty” and “fit”. You do your best to steer your daughter in the right direction so she makes good choices when it comes to what she eats and her activity level. All the while you think you’re doing the right thing. When do the influences get to be too much? Was it something you said or did? Is someone outside the family making comments that are pushing your daughter to excess? At what age should you start to be concerned about your child’s self image? If nothing else, this article will make you think. It will make you want to pay closer attention to how focused your daughter is on her physical being.

Mom Finds Devastating “Diet List” On 7-Year-Old’s Bedroom Floor

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Protection from Whooping Cough Vaccine (DTaP) Wanes Over Time

I just came across this article from and thought I’d pass along the information…

Protection from Whooping Cough Vaccine (DTaP) Wanes Over Time

by Sharon Mazel

baby_getting_shotYour little one gets vaccinated against whooping cough (pertussis), diphtheria, and tetanus with the DTaP vaccine five times before age six, but a new study published in the journal Pediatrics finds that protection against pertussis starts to weaken just a few years after preschool kids get their final shot and well before children get their recommended booster (called Tdap) at age 11 or 12. Read the rest of this entry »

Kids. Clothes. Choices. Oh my…

A great way to express one’s individuality is through the clothes you choose to wear. The end result can be interesting and expressive when it’s an adult accomplishment – humorous, playful and sometimes “out there” when it’s a child. I have to say, for me, clothing/fashion, is always a statement. It’s a very personal way to show off how you feel about yourself and your place in this world. It’s a way of expressing emotions. Like any design element, it initiates thought and a conversation. Whether you engage a person based on what they are wearing or spend time with them in your mind, you are giving them some consideration. Who is this person? Wonder what they like/don’t like? What do they do? All sorts of things run through your mind. You may not even be aware of it. As your brain scans what your eyes see it instantly starts to form an opinion, a relationship, and decides how you relate to what you’ve just seen.

As our kids get older they eventually reach the stage where they learn to dress themselves. A huge accomplishment for a child. At this point they are so proud of this new skill that it doesn’t really matter to them which pair of socks they’ve learned to put on. Just the fact that they can get that blue sock on their foot is good enough for them. Time goes by and they begin to recognize that all clothes are not the same. I like the hoodie my brother wears to school. I don’t like the pants my mom bought me to wear to grandma’s birthday party. At this point kids are learning that they can make choices. They are developing their own sense of themselves. Their personalities start to shine. As a parent, the worst thing you can do is forget that each child is unique. At this stage in their development you have to take a step back and let them show you who they want to be.

Aside from all of the benchmarks and benefits associated with the newfound discovery of the ability to chose, there are some interesting family dynamics that accompany this phase in your child’s life. I’ll post some links for you if you’re interested in the child development aspects of all of this. For now, let’s explore some of the fun and contentious moments involving what your kids choose to wear. Read the rest of this entry »

Birthday Parties – Necessity, Obsession, or Treat?

Birthday Parties – Necessity, Obsession, or Treat?

Today on the morning news I saw a story about a man in Florida who has saved his business by offering alligator pool parties for birthdays. The man is experienced with alligators, mind you, and so he feels that it’s a perfectly safe offering. He must know something about the current state of birthday parties because he is doing quite well with this endeavor. Here is the link to the news story if you’re interested in seeing what his alligator pool parties are like.

Anyway, this got me thinking…

  • Do parents feel obligated to have a birthday party EVERY year for their child?
  • If you do have a party, MUST it be a big event in order to be considered successful?
  • Have you ever spent more than you know you could afford on a birthday party?
  • What would happen if you toned down your child’s future birthday parties?

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Are You A Logical Or Emotional Parent?

Let us begin this conversation with some basic definitions.

Emotional is defined as of or relating to a person’s emotions. Arousing or characterized by intense feeling. A person having feelings that are easily excited and openly displayed.

Logical is defined as of or according to the rules of logic or formal argument. Characterized by or capable of clear, sound reasoning. An action, development or decision that is natural or sensible given the circumstances.

With that out of the way, can you now answer the question: Are you a logical or emotional parent? I would bet that given certain circumstances you would be able to answer yes to both types of parenting. Which one is predominant for you? Which one is habitual? Read the rest of this entry »

Early Music Lessons Have Longtime Benefits

This article is very interesting. Yet another reason why we should protect and promote the arts in schools.

Early Music Lessons Have Longtime Benefits

via The New York Times, Health/Science, by Perri Klass, M.D.

Illustration/Joyce Hesselberth

When children learn to play a musical instrument, they strengthen a range of auditory skills. Recent studies suggest that these benefits extend all through life, at least for those who continue to be engaged with music.

But a study published last month is the first to show that music lessons in childhood may lead to changes in the brain that persist years after the lessons stop. Read the rest of this entry »

Stain Removal Guide

I came across this great Stain Removal Guide. Thought you might find it handy. Click on the link below or the guide for the printable pdf.

Stain Removal Guide

via Tip




Is Your Family Suffering From Over-Scheduling?

It’s so easy to get caught up in a glut of activities and scheduled appointments these days. Trying to make everyone in the family happy and engaged can lead to over-scheduling and the potential for burnout. This article puts it all into perspective.

Is Your Family Suffering From Over-Scheduling?
Know The Warning Signs!

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